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Make your life easier with stylish, hard-wearing, easy-to-care-for tile floors

As one of the most popular types of installations for many decades, tile floors have increased in demand even more so lately, due to its high adaptability and resiliency. It is very well known for its waterproof capabilities, offering an installation without worry of stains, water damage, and foul odors. Tile flooring is also quite flexible because of its high water-resistance, and it is often sought out for kitchen and bathroom redesigns. To top it all off, tile is indeed affordably priced, allowing homeowners to renovate without surpassing their budget. Still not convinced tile is right for your home makeover? Here are a few more excellent reasons that may just change your mind!


Typically, a tile installation lasts upwards of 20 years, when properly maintained. Even with lots of foot traffic, tile flooring can handle a busy household, thanks to its high durability. Even if some slight damage occurs to a tile, in most instances it can easily be repaired.


Whether you opt for ceramic or porcelain, both have a long lifespan in residential installations. Again, if a properly installed floor is well-cared for and regularly cleaned with non-abrasive or acidic chemicals, you’re assured a long-lasting installation.

Less maintenance

Naturally resistant to dirt smells, and stains, tile is indeed very easy to maintain. Upkeep is simple, requiring only basic, daily sweeping and occasional damp mopping when things start looking a bit dirty.
Ceramic tile flooring in Berlin, NH from ADF Flooring LLC

Variety of designs

There is certainly no lack of styles, colors, and designs when it comes to tile. Available is such a wide variety of textures, sizes, and shapes too, homeowners can create an endless assortment of decorating effects for their space. Even after years, your installation will still look as stunning as the day it was installed.

Environmentally friendly

Add character and beauty to any room with eco-friendly tile floors. As an installation that does not attract allergens, dust, pollen, dirt, and other contaminants, there's much less need to use cleaning agents that could cause potential damage to the environment. What's more, the manufacturing process utilizes natural materials that do not create additional waste.