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Make your life easier with stylish, hard-wearing, easy-to-care-for tile floors

As one of the most popular flooring options available for many decades, tile flooring has only increased in demand over the years. Its high adaptability, stain resistance, water-proof installation, and extreme durability make it a perfect option for kitchen and bathroom installations. All these advantages come at a surprisingly affordable price, helping any project to stay within budget without making any sacrifices. Still not convinced tile is right for your project? Here are a few more excellent reasons that may change your mind!


Durable and long lasting

A properly installed and well-maintained tile floor will last decades. The durability of tile flooring allows it to withstand high traffic areas in busy households or buildings. In most cases, a professional can repair any small damage that may occur in the lifetime of the floor, making this type of flooring an investment that will last for years to come!

Less maintenance

Tile is naturally resistant to stains and orders, making it virtually effortless to keep clean. Upkeep consists of daily sweeping and the occasional damp mopping.
Ceramic tile flooring in Berlin, NH from ADF Flooring LLC

Variety of designs

There is no lack of styles, colors, and designs available when shopping for tile flooring. Homeowners and project managers alike will find an endless assortment of decorating effects for their space. Even after decades, your installation will still look as stunning as it did the day it was finished.

Environmentally friendly

Add character and beauty to any room with eco-friendly tile floors. As an installation that does not attract allergens, dust, pollen, dirt, and other contaminants, there's much less need to use cleaning agents that could cause potential damage to the environment. What's more, the manufacturing process utilizes natural materials that do not create additional waste.