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Add eternal grace and beauty with solid hardwood floors

Timeless and elegant, with an appeal that’s hard to match, solid hardwood flooring has always been a true favorite for both residential and commercial properties. With a multitude of benefits that come with every installation, it’s no wonder why wood planks simply never go out of style. Here are a few more reasons why you too may want solid hardwood floors for your home redesign.

Wide range of species, grain, and color variations

When deciding on what type of wood to choose, you’ll be inundated with the sheer wealth of species options. As every type of species looks vastly different with its own, unique characteristics, you’ll have a large selection of lovely grain and color variations as well.

Different finishes mean more color choices

Available in either prefinished or unfinished versions, you'll also have the extra choice of what color of finish you'd like for your hardwood floors. While the prefinished option arrives in-store already colored with protective coatings, the unfinished one allows you to select the finish after installation.

Aesthetically and visually pleasing

Solid hardwood flooring is beautiful and has a unique character, adding warmth and a timeless appeal to any room. The best part is this installation adds value to your home.

Remarkably long lifespan

High-quality planks will easily last for years, if not a lifetime, but only if correctly installed and properly maintained. What is a bonus is that this installation can be re-sanded and re-varnished should the luster and shine become dull, restoring its original splendor.
Gorgeous hardwood flooring in Manchester, NH from ADF Flooring LLC
Gorgeous hardwood flooring in Manchester, NH from ADF Flooring LLC

Hygienic and better indoor air quality

As dust particles, allergens, and dirt simply accumulates on the surface, wood planks are easy to clean, and thus, provide a more hygienic, cleaner indoor air quality. Additionally, this also means mold and mildew won’t get trapped in nooks and crannies, creating unpleasant odors that are hard to get rid of.

ADF Flooring LLC

At ADF Flooring LLC, our concord, NH showroom experts can talk you through the various kinds of soft and hard surfacing available. Servicing the Manchester, Concord, Nashua, Berlin, and Plymouth, NH regions, we strive to offer the highest quality installations for your home renovations and room redesigns.