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Choose warm, comforting carpet for your next home makeover

When planning for your next home makeover, you’ll no doubt conclude early on that there are indeed several interesting flooring options on the market. Whether you're redoing your kitchen, bedroom or living room, whatever you end up deciding on is tasked with the job to tie the space together. While each surfacing alternative does have its list of benefits, carpet floors offer a host of excellent advantages you should certainly take to heart. Here are a few reasons why remodeling your room with warm, comforting carpet flooring could be your best option.

Offers loads of high style

When you choose carpet, you’re coming into a world of near-endless designs, patterns, and colors. Without a doubt, it’s a stylish way to add flair and high style to your home. Use its wide assortment of options to beautify aesthetics or complement the color scheme of a room. With an eye-opening variety of latest soft surfacing trends, don’t be afraid to experiment! It’s a unique and fun way to turn an area into a more attractive space.

Maintains healthier indoor air

Contrary to old-time misconceptions, wall-to-wall can help maintain healthier indoor air. By collecting allergens, pet dander, dust, and other airborne bacterium, fibers entrap them until they're removed, thus clearing out the air for a better environment in the home. Simply make sure to vacuum regularly, plus schedule professional deep steam cleaning for your fibers every few months.

Reduces ambient noise

Noise tends to echo and bounce off walls in spaces without soft surfacing. Creaks, walking, talking, and other types of sound can amplify and carry in areas without added insulation. If this is a concern for you, then installing carpet floors will certainly create a quieter space. Not only will soft surfacing limit noise transfer, but it will also create a warmer, more pleasant environment.
Luxury carpet in Plymouth, NH from ADF Flooring LLC
Luxury carpet in Plymouth, NH from ADF Flooring LLC

Provides secure with a non-slip surface

If your household has individuals who could use added protection from falling and slipping, then wall-to-wall can give you that extra security. Babies, toddlers, seniors, and people with reduced mobility benefit greatly from having soft surfacing underfoot for better grip.

Retains warmth

What other installation can give you such a warm, inviting feel while also providing insulation and helping you save on energy costs? Though warmer in the colder months, it's also cooler in the warmer ones. With its insulative properties, soft surfacing is indeed a valuable investment.

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