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Engineered hardwood: Beautiful, durable flooring with contemporary designs

If you’re looking to add luxury and warmth to your property while increasing its value, engineered hardwood floors are an excellent way to get a timeless, natural style. Less expensive than solid wood, with a high degree of strength and durability, you’ll have a hard time distinguishing between engineered and its solid counterpart. If you’re still not sure which installation would best suit your home, check out the following benefits that will no doubt leave you impressed!


Love the real wood look but worried solid planks may break your budget? Equally attractive and hard-wearing engineered hardwood isn't just less expensive, it's made of real wood too! Get the style, material, and price you want without surpassing your renovation budget.

Same hardwood, same look

Once installed, you’ll quickly notice engineered planks look exactly like solid wood. That’s because they’re both manufactured with authentic hardwood. Engineered planks have a superficial wood layer called a veneer, so you get the exact style and species you want!

Capable of sanding and refinishing

Since the veneer layer of engineered hardwood is true wood, that means you can sand and varnish it just like a solid hardwood. Whether the boards were damaged or you just want a new look, your floor can easily be redone provided the veneer is thick enough.

Resistant to humidity and temperature fluctuations

The real advantage of engineered hardwood is its versatility. This type of floor is ‘engineered’ to create a dimensionally stable core, allowing installation in more humid or temperature dynamic areas. Here in New England, we’re accustomed to significant seasonal changes, making engineered hardwood an appealing option.
Gorgeous hardwood flooring in Manchester, NH from ADF Flooring LLC
Gorgeous hardwood flooring in Manchester, NH from ADF Flooring LLC

Rigid and stable means easy installation solutions

There are several different installation methods available when using engineered wood. Depending on your current room conditions, you may be able to install them directly over uniformed underlay or plywood. Engineered hardwood can also be glued, stapled, or a combination of the two. In some conditions the floor can be floated over the existing subfloor.

Engineered hardwood retailer near you

Not sure if engineered hardwood is right for you? Stop by our showroom in Concord New Hampshire and speak with one of our knowledgeable staff members. We are confident that we can find you the right floor for your home or business. We happily serve the Concord, Manchester, Nashua, Berlin, and Plymouth regions, as well as surrounding areas.