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Luxury vinyl: Stylish design, comfortable underfoot, and cost-effective price tag

For quite some time, luxury vinyl was a secret of sorts, used only in the commercial flooring industry. Luckily, that’s not the case anymore, and it is available to the general public at luxury vinyl flooring retailers. At ADF Flooring LLC, our Concord, NH showroom professionals can help you better understand if this type of surfacing would be ideally suited for your renovation. Right now, let’s go over several advantages that luxury vinyl has to offer.

Excellent style selection

At our luxury vinyl store, you’ll surely notice how our style selection is indeed impressive. Manufactured in a huge array of colors, designs, and sizes, you’ll have no problem finding something that blends in well with your current décor.

Impressive chameleon like appearance

Created with the latest in manufacturing technology, luxury vinyl has a surprisingly natural, cushioned feel to the touch. In some instances, designs mimic authentic materials to perfection –like ceramic or wood –where you can barely tell the difference.Thus, you can take advantage of this surfacing to get the style you prefer at a fraction of the cost in the vinyl version.

Affordably priced

While some more exotic installations would cost a significant amount of money, you’ll see at our luxury vinyl flooring store that’s not the case with these floors. But don’t be fooled into believing they’re low-quality. Rather, they’re simply cost-effective, since they are made from affordable, high-tech materials.
Luxury vinyl plank (LVP) flooring in Plymouth, NH from ADF Flooring LLC

Stay safe with slip-resistance

What is a nice bonus about this installation is its slip-resistance. Therefore, they make a great addition to areas where you need it to be safer, be it because of individuals with reduced mobility or young children.

Easy maintenance

Finally, a flooring that’s easy to maintain! All it takes is a quick wipe down to clean up spills, and you’re done. For messier situations, a simple damp mopping cleans things right up. No need for expensive equipment or products.

Strong, tough, and durable

With such durability, this strong and tough surfacing will give you exactly what you’re looking for: flooring with a long lifespan. Regardless of how busy your household is, your installation won't be easily damaged. Remember, as it was originally used in commercial settings, this surfacing has seen it all. And truly, it can handle whatever you through at it!

ADF Flooring LLC

Serving the Manchester, Concord, Nashua, Berlin, and Plymouth, NH areas, our luxury vinyl flooring retailer specialists are here to simplify your upcoming redesign.